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BABASpare Parts

CHEHAK BATTERIES India is one of the leading manufacturers, exporters of environment friendly Battery Operated Vehicles. The company special sizes in the manufacture of ICAT Certified E-Rickshaws & E-Carts (conforming to Motor Vehicle Act 16th Amendment ) . CHEHAK BATTERIES has a strong team of technical & skilled work Force with hands on experience of both Automobiles as well as the Aviation Industry. The Company’s mission is t o manufacture E-Rickshaws & E-Carts of the highest quality offering latest technology, committed customer service & satisfaction. So, that each and every product that rolls out from the plant offers utmost safety, comfort & utility to the driver, as well as the passengers which in turn gets converted into "Value for Money".
E-Rickshaws & E-Carts have become an integral part of the Indian t ransport system since they of ferpollution free, most economical last mi le connect ivi ty both for the urban as wel l as rural India. In October of 2014, the Govt . of India brought E-Rickshaws & E-Carts under the ambi t of Motor Vehicle Act , thus creating stringent standards, rules for manufacturing of E -Rickshaws & E-Carts. There on, any unit manufacturing E-Rickshaws & E-Carts had to be approved by the t ransport testing department ; e.g.ICAT Manesar , ARAI Pune, etc.